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At Sierra Las Minas Coffee, we have selected four cultivars from 100% Arabica specie to successfully create three different roast profiles. The coffee lot we will be roasting for the next 9 months was harvested in March 2017 as red cereza (coffee fruit), de-pulped same-day with a 23 hour natural fermentation which helped accentuate the floral/fruity notes followed by 6 days sun-dry patio process.

Beans are mold free, just waiting for your order, where our artisan roaster will bring out attributes on the roast profile selected to ultimately be brewed/extracted and discerned by your palate!

Guatemala, Quebrada Seca Farm 12oz. Wholebean: $17

From the awakening of your senses to passion for coffee. Test your palate and discern the 3 main attributes found in our lightest roast.

Guatemala, Las Flores Farm 12oz. Wholebean: $17

Enhance your enjoyment of coffee by discovering the nutty and caramelized flavor with a touch of dark chocolate. This profile embodies you feel the true meaning of a coffee break!

Guatemala, Liquidambar Farm, Single Origin Espresso 12oz. Wholebean: $17

Indulge your senses of smell and taste our Single Origin Espresso fruity, chocolate, syrupy crema with a lingering citrus finish.

**Note: Prices do not include shipping costs.

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