Sustainability is defined as "the capacity to endure". There is evidence that, as human beings, we are living in an unsustainable manner. The responsibility therefore falls upon all of us to become educated on how we are living, and join in a collective effort to change. The changes we make will not be for ourselves, but for future generations who have the same right to live and exist in a world as beautiful as the one we live in today.

Ecotourism raises awareness and provides not only a social benefit for local people, but also a better understanding of the area in question. Studies have shown that ecotourist traffic in Guatemala dissuaded poachers, illegal wood harvesters and burners, and drug-runners who establish secret air strips in the north jungle of Guatemala. Ecotourism also encourages local people to engage in nature conservation. By engaging in ecotourism you take the first step towards a "capacity to endure" that is necessary for the survival and propagation of the human race.